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Tinka Design is a product, graphic and industrial design consultancy located in Christchurch but helping clients in Auckland and across NZ. Our focus is to provide outstanding solutions that ensure the needs of your business and the needs of your end user are met with exceptional quality and attention to detail.

Main Focuses: Exceptional Product and Graphic Design

  • Creative product design that stands out!
  • Sharing an interest in seeing your business succeed
  • Graphic Design, thinking differently, uncovering opportunity and adding value
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About Us

Tinka Design specialise in creative and effective, user-centred design whether it be product or graphic. We are an energetic industrial design consultancy in NZ who put great effort into realising the needs of your market and transforming them into tangible and real products. Whatever medium, be it plastics, sheet metals, die cast, digital or printed paper, we have the know-how to make your solutions stand out. We always strive for quality and will not give up until that has been achieved.

What we love doing

We find our real joy in seeing the needs of others being met through well considered construction. Our passion is to create great industrial design for Auckland, Christchurch and customers across NZ that is both memorable and functional. We want our work to spur discussions and generate ideas that will never go un-noticed.

Why choose Tinka design

Tinka is not a large and lumbering company; we are agile and ready to respond to your needs. Our industrial design company for Auckland, Christchurch and NZ customers is full of fresh thinkers, creative minds and skilled people whose goal it is to see our clients succeed.

The Founder

Tim Cox Tim Cox is the original founder of Tinka Design. He is a talented and award-winning industrial designer in Christchurch and his work covers numerous industries and applications. Outside of work Tim enjoys the outdoors and being active. Recently he has picked up spearfishing and loves it.

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Presentation Lectern

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Here is what we have to offer
Our Services

Product Design

Product design is at the core of what we do. Tinka Design understands the challenges and has the resource and expertise to help you through all stages of your design process.

Research For Design

Without research a product outcome is often based on assumptions. Research ensures you KNOW and can JUSTIFY what is best for your market and end user.

Rendering and Visualisation

Rendering and visualisation enables you to imagine with ease an end product even before it has been fully developed. This powerful tool can be used to share and encourage discussions at all stages of a product design process.

User Experience Design

Behind every product is a need driven by an end user. People are the essence of why we create products design product and therefore it is critical their requirements are heard and translated into each end solution.

Design for Manufacture

Manufacture is the crucial step prior to getting the product to market. Tinka Design has approved manufactures both in NZ and China to source and supply your completed product ready for market.

Packaging Design

Packaging is more than just the face of your product. Packaging has to protect, contain, sell and be easily broken down at the end of it. Packaging often is often overlooked but not at Tinka Design, we take it seriously and give it the attention it deserves.


We have all used a product at some stage that just doesn’t fit, is uncomfortable or would benefit from a few tweaks. The study of ergonomics ensures products are designed to suit the end user in order that they are pleasurable to use.


Prototyping is vitally important to every product design process. It allows the client and design team to highlight potential issues before money is spent on large scale tooling and production.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is most necessary for all businesses as a primary means of communication or your brand, values and purpose. At Tinka Design we will deliver whatever you require on time.

The Product Design Process


Discovering... Often the most significant customer needs are hidden in the small and generally overlooked details. Research is a valuable means of coming to realise all requirements and needs, that when understood and addressed properly lead to successful product.


Creative and focused... The design process is exciting, flexible and can be arranged to suit your budget, time and available resources. Sketching, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and form studies are just some of the tools used for an effective design process.


Visualising for reality… The making of models whether they are simple form studies or complex functional prototypes adds enormous value to the final product by providing information that would otherwise not be attainable. We recommend the use of prototypes prior to commencing any form of tooling.


Ensuring confidence... Product testing gives you confidence by letting you know your products successes and faults prior to manufacturing. This allows issues to be resolved before releasing to market, saving you money in the long term.


Becoming reality... Manufacture may seem like the end of the design process, however great attention to detail and knowledge of tooling and assembly is necessary to ensure a functional and reliable product outcome. Tinka Design will support our customers throughout this stage until a confident project hand-over can take place.

What Others Say...

Bio Toy"We had been throughout 12 years of struggle with our product. The product was initially designed by the folks that built mouldings for the first Jarvik artificial heart pump. We went through two companies and four (CAD-CAM) engineers using AU, ProE, and SolidWorks. We almost gave up on the product and walked away from 12 years of development. A relative mentioned Tim Cox at Tinka Design to us. What do we have to loose? We gave Tinka the project. Tinka made it happen! Tim was the only person that took the time and put the energy in to UNDERSTAND our product, how it had to work and tested the prototypes. In brief: you can not imagine how happy we are with the result."

Link Engine Management"We engaged Tinka Design to come up with a range of design concepts and were very pleased with the results. Tim did an excellent job of interpreting our requirements and coming up with a diverse and striking range of concepts. The presentation was exceptionally professional and we look forward to working with Tinka Design on future projects."

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