Should All Patents Be Equal?

We are working with a client on a rather nifty product that is soon to be ready for the first mass production order. The product relies on a rather clever mechanical system which is currently going through the patent process to gain protection in their various chosen markets. We have come up against some interesting challenges lately to do with existing cited patents. When the patent draft was complete and reviewed by the patent examiner they were reluctant to file the patent based on two cited documents which claim to basically achieve the same purpose as our product. The cited…

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The Place of Prototyping for Designers

What is the Place of Prototyping for Designers? To answer this we need to first understand what prototyping is and why we use it. So in this article we will cover the following 3 points: What is prototyping, why do we use prototyping, and where does prototyping fit into our design process? Firstly, What is prototyping? In essence it’s very basic; it is creating a representation of something that can be used to test a hypothesis. It is a tool that allows us to move from the unknown into the known. A prototype could be as simple as a folded card mock-up for…

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Living Small – Tiny House trailer hitting the road

The trailer was a big effort. Inspired to build my own as a way to reduce the cost, I poured a significant amount of time into sourcing correct components, designing the trailer and then building it. It would certainly be easier to buy a prebuilt trailer, HOWEVER! I learnt a heap during the process but the major benefit was I was able to design and build the chassis just the way I wanted it. Having now built the tiny house and made numerous shifts from sections around the city I can say that it is very sturdy and doesn’t flex…

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Living Small – Video ‘Building Tiny for a Big Future’

Here’s a little bit of video insight into some of the build and backstory behind why I’m building a tiny house and how I’m going about it. Enjoy! A big shout out to Spoocemedia for the video. Thanks guys! Music: ‘The Response’, Track: ‘Unfaithful Ways’  

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The Tiny House is Back!

The Tiny House is back and we’re ramping up the momentum! I can’t believe two years has passed since I last updated you on progress with the Tiny house. I’ll have you know I am still in the build and design process and just as passionate about my Tiny house as ever; its just taking me a whole lot longer than I ever intended to complete it. But none the less I am pleased to say that completion of the tiny house is not far off! Here’s a brief snapshot of where I’m up with the tiny house. Currently the tiny house resides on an empty section…

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Paint, Fumes and Frustration. (PFF syndrome)

So…To the subject of paint. This post could be very short. In summary…it (paint) is just an expensive pain in the ass. The last number of days has involved me buying paint from one company to be told it’s the wrong paint by another company to lead to me buying MORE PAINT…to then buy MORE PAINT AGAIN! The story is long, emotional, painful and expensive. I hope this spiel brings out the rawness of the anger still circulating through my veins. I will try and summarise it real quick then get to the good stuff. I purchased $160.00 worth of…

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Living Small – Toilets for tiny places – PART TWO

I have been calling around finding out a little more information for both the Separette and Natures Head toilets. The first major point is that the Separette is NOT defined as a composting toilet…they refer to it more as a dehydrating toilet which simply takes away the moisture and smell. For a single person the Separette toilet will only require emptying after about 10 months usage. For two people this will change to approximately 4-5months…which is pretty good. The waste bucket is then taken outside and top soil placed on top. This will then sit for another 6 weeks minimum…

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Living Small – Toilets for tiny places – PART ONE

I had a mate ask me about how I will be dealing with the toilet/ sewage issue…because it is an issue BUT there are plenty of great solutions out there. I have whittled the options down to two sound products. That being the Separette and the Natures Head, both separation based toilets that operate in slightly different means. Currently there are 2 main styles of composting toilet, one that collects both liquid and solid wastes in the same canister and the other designed to separate the two. If the dry waste is not separated from the liquid the collected contents…

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Living Small – Window Shopping

Windows are a big deal in a tiny house, they can add visual space, light, ventilation, lose heat AND add weight…lots of weight…not to mention price! The last month has been weekends and weekdays full of visiting various second hand salvage yards to try and find quality used aluminium windows. In Christchurch we have a good number around all aided by the spike in demolition homes as a result of earth quakes in 2011. Nevertheless this hasn’t made the process any easier as you have to sift through hundreds of used windows to try and find something that will suit…

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Living Small – Trailer Build Begins

The trailer in essence is the foundation of your tiny home, it carries the full weight of your home and contents AND makes it portable rendering it NOT a house but a vehicle! To immerse myself further into the design I have decided to design and build the trailer as part of the project. Tinka Design will complete the design engineering and the build will be done by a good friend of mine Craig Baker who has many years’ experience as a welder building large agricultural farming equipment. Together Craig and I will cut, weld and assemble the trailer using…

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