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  • The world is drowning in plastic: what should product designers do?
    It’s no hidden fact that the world is littered in plastic. From New York’s Wall Street to the slums of New Delhi, beaches and oceans, where ever you look it seems there is unwanted plastic waste. In January of 2018 I headed to Bali for a surf trip. Every day around the resorts if you woke up early enough you got to witness the new layer of washed read more
  • The Place of Prototyping for Designers
    What is the Place of Prototyping for Designers? To answer this we need to first understand what prototyping is and why we use it. So in this article we will cover the following 3 points: What is prototyping, why do we use prototyping, and where does prototyping fit into our design process? Firstly, What is prototyping? In essence it’s very basic; read more