November 2014

Living Small – Trailer Build Begins

The trailer in essence is the foundation of your tiny home, it carries the full weight of your home and contents AND makes it portable rendering it NOT a house but a vehicle! To immerse myself further into the design I have decided to design and build the trailer as part of the project. Tinka […]

November 2014

Living Small – Christchurch New Zealand – Design completed by TINKA DESIGN LTD

I was introduced to the Tiny house concept by a friend some 7 months ago now. The idea resonated with my dislikes about the current housing situation and the way we just accept that a 30 year mortgage is a good thing. Yes there are good things to having a mortgage but I believe there […]

October 2014

5 simple tips to help communicate your design ideas effectively

Within a product design context, communication of product ideas and concepts to others within a team or between a consultant and client is absolutely necessary. When done well an idea can flourish by achieving buy in from others almost immediately because you have a common understanding. You have enabled a team to visualise the goals […]