Product Design

The purpose of product design is to create great product experiences that are desired and memorable; this in turn leads to growth in product sales, customer loyalty and ultimately culminates in business growth.

No one industry is the same, however using a proven design process Tinka can design and engineer product solutions for almost any industry. From toys to medical product, agriculture equipment and geospatial survey tools to consumer goods and more.

We do this by always starting with the end user and understanding their needs through research. Taking these insights we are able to design a solution that satisfies the end user but can also be manufactured. Meeting product standards and fulfilling test requirements in difficult environments are just some of the many interesting engineering challenges that have to be overcome in the design process. Tinka Design can take an idea and develop it right through to arranging manufacture.

If you have a product range that needs updating or perhaps a completely new idea then Tinka Design can help you out.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is much more than just 2D graphics on a screen or print. Graphic design can include packaging, digital interface design, 3D presentation of media, web design, signage and vehicle decals…at the heart of graphic design is communication. Graphic design is taking an idea or information and making it known through the visual sensory.

How clear and compelling you can communicate is the difference between good design and average design. Tinka Design will work closely with you to understand your project and design a strong and cohesive graphic that communicates your message professionally with zeal! If you want a banner, printed booklet, pamphlets, website or product packaging we can help you.

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